The Importance of Web Hosting

The Importance of Web Hosting

A hosting website can be affected in many ways. First of all it is important for the loading speed of the hosting website. If you buy a shared hosting where you have 20 more people in the share, then naturally the loading speed of your website will be less and high loading speed of the website is very important for on page SEO. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, Google will not rank your website. By doing this you will be deprived of many visitors. Moreover, there are some Web hosting that day stays down for 1 to 2 hours. So, a website that gets 10,000 visitors in1 hour, lost 10,000 visitors due to the server being down. So, in this aspect too, the importance of hosting is immense.

Moreover, hosting will contain important files of your website. If you buy hosting from an unreliable provider, they may even harm you with those files. Note that the hosting you use has access to your website’s servers. They can change anything on your website if they want to access. The last thing I want to talk about is customer support. There are some hosting providers, if you message them today, they will reply to you tomorrow.

So, in the new situation you can have many kinds of problems and the support of the hosting provider will be absolutely necessary to solve these problems. So, if you don’t get good support from them then, you will have a lot of problems with your website. So, hopefully what is the importance of good hosting got it.

Next, what is hosting? Hosting is the Web space on server used to make a website live on the Internet. Two things are needed to create a website. One is domain and the other is hosting. Domain is the name of a website and hosting is the house of the website. Let’s make it clearer with an example, suppose you create a video and put it on your computer’s hard disk. So, of course no one else can watch the video except you. But, if that video was kept on a web disk (web server or web hosting) then everyone in the World could watch it. As everyone can see when you upload a video on YouTube. Just like if you do coding on creating a website with Word Press, if you do and put it in the computer, then that website will not be seen by anyone but you. But if the website is added to the Web hosting, then everyone in the world can see and access it. How many types of hosting in available? There are basically 6 types of hosting. Example –

1) Shared hosting,

2) VPS hosting( Virtual PrivateServer),

3) Dedicated Server hosting ,

4) Cloud hosting

5) Managed hosting

There are some things you need to look at before buying hosting. The first thing to look at is whether you are buying hosting from a company or from a person, many times many people offer to provide hosting at a very low price. So, if anyone provides it to you, you have to stay away from those people. Second you need to look at the customer support of hosting.

There are also a few more things to look for -whether the company is giving you a money- back guarantee: good hosts usually offer a 30 days money-back guarantee.

How many websites are hosted in hosting you can: It is often seen that some hosting companies advertise 100 GB hosting. But no more than one website can be hosted there. So, what is the benefit of your 100 GB hosting? Note that The website is only 400 MB and it is hosted on a 2 GB hosting.

How much is the bandwidth GB: In fact, the bandwidth depends on the visitors of your website. If your website gets a lot of visitors, then you need more bandwidth.

How hosting works: There are various Web hosting companies that hire their services to host websites on the Internet. If you purchase these hosting services and host your website; when an Internet user searches the Browser using your web address (domain name or IP address) , their computer connects to the server where your website is hosted. Then, that server serves the user with the files stored in your storage. Here the file can be a video, audio, picture or a website. Whatever you put in your hosting storage serve it to visitors. This is how Web hosting works.

How to host a website: If you buy a hosting service you will be given a C-panel. Your website is hosted only if you install Word Press there .When you pay for the hosting, a message will immediately come to your G- mail. That message will include your C-panel address and password and with it you can easily access the C-panel. Many times the message doesn’t come to the inbox. For that you need your G-mail spam folders need to be checked.

Hope you find here a complete guideline on what is Web hosting, how many types and how to buy Web hosting.

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